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Therapy for Pregnancy Loss & Perinatal Trauma

Find Comfort and Peace After Pregnancy Loss and Perinatal Trauma

Our Trauma Counsellors understand that reproductive trauma is so often overlooked, despite how many women are impacted by this kind of loss and trauma. The devastation of pregnancy loss and infertility can be an incredibly difficult experience, and adequate healing and grieving is often needed to find peace and move forward. A traumatic birth - another common reproductive experience where women experience distress during or after a birth - can also result in an ongoing trauma response that requires processing and healing.

Examples of Pregnancy Loss and Perinatal Trauma include:



Failed IVF cycle

A difficult labour

Labour complications

Unwanted or unexpected labour intervention (forceps / emergency caesarean)

You or your baby suffering a birth injury

You or your baby needing medical attention

Stillbirth / neonatal death

Inadequate birthing support

Lack of informed consent

Poor postnatal care

How Can Pregnancy Loss and Perinatal Trauma Affect your Life?

Flashbacks, nightmares or intrusive memories


Avoiding anything that reminds you of the trauma

Feeling constantly alert, irritable or jumpy

Constant worry for your baby

Feeling low or depressed

Feeling guilty

Blaming yourself


Relationship difficulties

Trouble concentrating

How Can Trauma Therapy Help with Pregnancy Loss and Perinatal Trauma?

Our Trauma Counsellors use advancedEMDR Therapy techniques to support you as you work through the reproductive or perinatal trauma you experienced, helping you find closure and peace as the trauma releases its hold on your nervous system. This will allow you to move forward as you integrate the past and find a renewed version of yourself.