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Grief, Loss and Bereavement Counselling

Safe Support for Those Working Through Grief, Loss and Bereavement

After experiencing a loss, you might encounter feelings of sadness, guilt, anger and regret. These strong emotions can be overwhelming and make finding peace difficult. Our Trauma Therapists recognize that each grieving process is incredibly personal; we can help guide you through your unique process toward acceptance and healing.

What Kind of Experiences Involve Loss?

Death of a loved one

Loss of health / disabilities

Caregiver support in pre-bereavement & anticipatory loss situations

Life changes

Unexpected career changes / retirement

Moving / immigration

Relationship loss / break-up / divorce / separation

Loss of a foster child due to custody or placement

Pet loss

How Can Unprocessed Grief Affect Your Life?

Difficulty concentrating

Dependence on alcohol or drugs

Isolating / withdrawing socially

Self-harm or suicidal ideation

Disinterest in past goals, career or spiritual life

Depression and/or anxiety

Ongoing longing for the past

How do our Counsellors Support you Through Grief and Loss?

Our Trauma Counsellors have supported many individuals as they work through their feelings around loss. The advancedEMDRtechniques that our team uses can help you find peace and give you the tools needed to find a healthy way forward. Learn more about griefhere.