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Sexual Abuse and Assault Counselling

Find Comfort and Peace After Sexual Abuse and Assault

Our Trauma Counsellors have seen how emotional and psychological trauma from sexual assault can become embedded in the nervous system and create ongoing feelings of distrust, loneliness, embarrassment, disconnection and/or guilt. This can leave sexual assault survivors stuck in the daily struggle of trying to let go and move on, while being plagued by trauma-related symptoms and old coping strategies that continue to hold them back or lead to unhealthy habits and behaviours.

Sexual Assault Comes in Many Forms and Can Include:

Sexual abuse and assault


Childhood sexual abuse

Sexual harassment

Indecent or sexualized exposure

Degrading sexual imagery


Cyber harassment

Unwanted sexual touch

Sexual exploitation and/or trafficking

How Can Sexual Assault Potentially Impact Your Life?

Dissociation or out of body experiences

Startling easily at everyday sounds

Feelings of numbness and hollowness

Avoiding physical and/or emotional closeness

Reliance on drugs, alcohol or sex

Difficulty trusting

Feeling unsafe

Flashbacks and/or vivid dreams

Ongoing feelings of guilt


Difficulties with sex (e.g., discomfort, lack of orgasm, difficulty staying present)

How Can Trauma Counselling for Sexual Assault Help?

Our Trauma Therapists will help you uncover how the sexual assault is impacting your daily life and work with you to manage and overcome the trauma, allowing you to return to states of safety and connection and find healthier ways forward.