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Peak Performance Counselling for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Maximize Your Strengths With Peak Performance EMDR Therapy

Peak Performance Counselling, including Peak Performance EMDR Therapy, is a key resource for those looking to elevate their professional or personal performance and achieve their goals. Unlike typical business coaching, Peak Performance Counselling - and particularly peak performance EMDR Therapy with our trained therapists - provides emotional and intellectual support on a deeper level, which is often the key to letting go of what is holding you back and allowing you to unlock your creative potential in your work and life.

Who Benefits from Peak Performance EMDR?






Public speakers




What Can Peak Performance EMDR Help With?

Communication skills

Unlocking creativity

Letting go of inhibitions

Partner and founder relationships

Team dynamics and personality management

Conflict resolution



Healing personal factors influencing performance

Emotional fulfillment

Improved leadership

How do our Counsellors Provide Peak Performance EMDR Therapy?

By establishing the key areas vital to your success, based on your professional realm and personality, our counsellors work in partnership with you to create a plan best suited to remove mental and emotional obstacles, unlock your creative potential and help you thrive professionally and personally. Learn more about how Peak Performance EMDR Therapy is beneficial for entrepreneurshere.