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Therapy for Childhood Trauma

Move Through the Impacts of Childhood Trauma and Thrive

Our Trauma Therapists have worked with many clients experiencing the lingering effects of childhood trauma, developmental trauma and/or attachment trauma that often lives on through the childhood and teen years and into adulthood. Though time passes, trauma responses often become embedded in the nervous system, becoming a way of life and impacting our ability to find healthy ways forward.

What Are Examples of Events That Can Result in Childhood Trauma?

Physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse

Sexual exploitation



Domestic violence

Birth trauma

Serious accident or life-threatening illness

Being bullied

Being a refugee or a victim of war

Death of a family member or close friend

Community and school violence

Repeatedly not being seen or heard by parents or caretakers

Parents or caregivers using physical or fear-based discipline techniques

Being excluded by peers

How Can Childhood Trauma Affect Your Life?




Panic attacks


Self blame

Distrust in relationships

Poor concentration

Chronic stress and inflammation


Eating disorders


Suicidal ideation

How do Our Counsellors Treat Childhood Trauma?

Our Trauma Counsellors take a personalized approach to treatment, often usingEMDR Therapy and other somatic therapies to help you process through your feelings, behaviours and habitual responses that were developed as adaptations to early trauma. Therapy focused on healing childhood and attachment trauma can help you break cycles that no longer serve you, allowing for a restored sense of safety and self-worth.