An Open Letter From a Therapist to Her Clients

A Thank You Letter to My Incredible Clients :)

- Gabriella Evans

I would have loved to mail out hand-written thank you notes to each of you but that would have risked breaking our confidentiality so I had to get creative.  

I have posted an open letter on my blog speaking directly to all of the gorgeous humans I get to work with in therapy. Here it is; have a read. xo

Hello Beautiful Humans,

I am writing to express gratitude for the ways in which you have impacted my growth.

I know, I am supposed to – as a therapist – be the stoic holder of information. Dare I express a feeling or belief of my own or share anything about my personal human experience. I am as well supposed to possess some sort of magical power that grants me access to all of the answers for you. I am supposed to fix what’s broken.

I am calling BS on these stereotypes today as I share with you that:

      1) I have been deeply moved by your courage and realness and wisdom and movement toward (or           remembrance of) wholeness and truth.

      2) I don’t see you as broken. You are perfectly you, and I believe the answers are and always were within you.

Thank you for showing up and for bearing your soul – in all its complexity – in our sessions together. Thank you for reminding me that we, as living beings, are designed for continual orientation toward the light and toward growth. Thank you for being my teacher. I am forever changed by your search for Self; for it has given me permission to more lovingly align with my own Self.  

With love,


- Gabriella