Leyre Murillo

Conversations on Trauma and Awakening: Leyre Murillo

Interviewed by Gabriella Evans
Thank you to the wise and gracious Leyre Murillo for being part of our Trauma & Awakening interview series!

Leyre Murillo is a creator, writer and nurturer. Her expertise is as a wellness specialist, training her clients to cultivate deep inner connection and return to their heart centres. She has led extensive trainings in both Spain and Canada, and now does this globally. Leyre has found her calling: to guide people to vitality, connection, inner truth and healing through breathwork.

We sat down with Breathwork Practitioner Leyre Murillo to discuss trauma, healing, safety, awareness, compassion, integration and much more!

Thank you Leyre for being part of our Trauma & Awakening interview series and for sharing your wisdom and gentleness :).