Jesse Allcock

Conversations on Trauma and Awakening: Jesse Allcock

"If I'm being honest, my trauma affects a lot of aspects of my daily life in regards to always second guessing myself and never feeling good enough."

Jesse is a full-time proud Dad who spends most of his days with family trying to enjoy what little time we have on this planet.

Describe yourself in three words.

Compassionate, emotional and funny.

How would those you love and respect describe you?

I’ve been told I’m the perfect Gemini.

What helps you feel safe and grounded?

I love being around loved ones, however, I also really enjoy alone time outside so it’s a catch 22.

How would you define trauma?

The consequences of someone’s past events that weren’t so nice to them.

How has trauma contributed to your suffering?

If I’m being honest, my trauma affects a lot of aspects of my daily life in regards to always second-guessing myself and never feeling good enough. Also, I have a healthy dose of fear of confiding in the people closest to me which I recognize is linked to said trauma.

How has suffering contributed to your personal awakening or evolution?

I have been pondering this question for a while… I realized the universe does truly work in mysterious ways. An example is my mom passing. She was everything to me, and me having to go back and put my best foot forward to be there for my family and her... well somehow I ended up falling in love with the mother of my baby boy who has changed me fundamentally. So, yeah... suffering has really contributed to my evolution in terms of having to grow up more.

What words of wisdom would you offer to those who are stuck in suffering that is similar to what you have been through in the past?

The pain does eventually dull.