Carmanah Hornsey

Conversations on Trauma and Awakening: Carmanah Hornsey

"To start to heal you need to stop focusing on suffering. Remove that from your vocabulary. You may have experienced suffering, but you need to stop focusing on it to heal. Stop allowing yourself to be the victim and start framing your mindset with positivity and progress. Celebrate the little wins. You are not your trauma. You se so much more."

Carmanah Hornsey is a 32 year old woman born and raised on the West Coast. She is an event and hospitality professional who is always on the go who is learning the importance of boundaries and support systems. When she isn’t working, you can catch her at a concert, a brewery, or reading by the beach.

Listen to the intelligent and inspiring Carmanah Hornsey speak with our intern Monika about trauma, relationships, microdosing and the ice cube trick. Thank you Carmanah and Monika for being part of our Trauma & Awakening interview series.